Announcements & Notices

Date Type Title Download
2021-05-26Announcements and Notices(1) Delay in despatch of circular (2) Postponement of the EGM (3) Postponement of book closure period and (4) Proposed re-election of retiring director101 KB PDF
2021-05-14Announcements and Notices(1) Poll results of annual general meeting held on 14 may 2021; (2) Retirement of an independent non-executive director; (3) Appointment of an independent non-executive director; and (4) Change in composition of board committees 111 KB PDF
2021-05-14Announcements and NoticesList of directors and their roles and functions78 KB PDF
2021-05-04Monthly ReturnsMonthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities (For the month ended 30 April 2021)446 KB PDF
2021-05-04Announcements and NoticesChange of address of registered office in the Cayman Islands97 KB PDF
2021-05-03Announcements and Notices(I) Proposed change of domicile (ii) Proposed adoption of the new memorandum of continuance and the new bye-laws (iii) Proposed cancellation of share premium account (iv) Proposed capital reorganisation (v) Proposed change in board lot size and (vi) Propos199 KB PDF
2021-04-15Financial Statements/ESG InformationAnnual Report 20206 MB PDF
2021-04-15Financial Statements/ESG InformationEnvironmental, Social and Governance Report 20209 MB PDF
2021-04-15CircularsProposals on the grant of general mandates to issue and repurchase shares, re-election of retiring directors, re-appointment of auditor of the company and notice of annual general meeting 189 KB PDF
2021-04-15Announcements and NoticesNotice of Annual General Meeting 82 KB PDF
2021-04-15Proxy FormsForm of proxy for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 14 may 202173 KB PDF
2021-04-07Announcements and NoticesChange in Directors or of Important Executive Functions or Responsibilities / Change of Audit Committee Member / Change of Remuneration Committee Member443 KB PDF
2021-04-07Announcements and NoticesList of Directors and their Role and Function422 KB PDF
2021-04-01Monthly ReturnsMonthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities (For the month ended 31 March 2021)446 KB PDF
2021-03-31Announcements and NoticesAnnouncement of Annual Results for the year ended 31 December 2020389 KB PDF
2021-03-25Announcements and NoticesDiscloseable Transaction - Disposal of the Entire Issued Share Capital of a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary510 KB PDF
2021-03-24Announcements and NoticesProfit Warning111 KB PDF
2021-03-19Announcements and NoticesNotice of Board Meeting421 KB PDF
2021-03-18Announcements and NoticesDiscloseable Transaction in relation to Second Extension of the Maturity of a Bond460 KB PDF
2021-03-02Monthly ReturnsMonthly Return of Equity Issuer on Movements in Securities (For the month ended 28 February 2021)446 KB PDF