Network System Integration

Photo Network system provides necessary guarantee for meeting business needs and giving full play to the potential of enterprises. Wafer Systems, with its years’ experience in network construction and its understanding of customer application needs, took the lead to introduce the concept of "value-added network infrastructure construction". At the beginning of network construction, Wafer Systems took into account future customers application demand, made breakthrough in the traditional system integration concept which is limited to network infrastructure construction, and incorporates customer application demand into the planning objectives. Wafer Systems helps users set up secure, highly-reliable and low-cost network which is used as a carrier of value-added services and meanwhile provides the guarantee for network management and achieves the following characteristics, in order to meet the present and future needs of enterprises.

  • Provide secure and unlimited connection between the employees, customers and information
  • Offer high-quality real-time applications (such as voice and video, etc.) on an integrated network platform
  • Ensure the access to information and resources at any location
  • Automatically deploy a managed self-defense network
  • Reduce operation expenses of clients

For years, the Group is committed to helping customers in various fields to build network infrastructure platform which is operational, managed, low cost, secure and efficient, and can be loaded with a variety of value-added application functions and services.

  • For operators, to build a "value added" network can meet their network operation management needs, and enable them to provide customers with value-added services through value-added network.
  • For corporate customers, value-added network infrastructure can help companies to save operating costs and make full use of existing network resources.


We offer
  • Enterprise Internet architecture
  • High-speed IP bearer network architecture
  • Data center and storage program
  • Optical transmission network
  • Wireless coverage program
  • Application delivery program
  • Security interconnection and access monitoring program
  • Network management program

Professional Network Services


The Group is always committed to providing network users with the best and the most professional services. For this purpose, Wafer Systems constantly explorers new services and extends business in deep range, in order to adapt to rapid development of the network and to meet users' demand in multi-level. We are sure to follow the rule: user's satisfaction and loyalty is the first!

We constantly strive to develop comprehensive services. According to the life cycle of network system, we provide series of services from preparation, planning, design, implementation, operation, maintenance and optimization. We also provide the network planning, design, project management to network system maintenance services, covering the network operation and maintenance, network management and security, network hosting, network evaluation and consultation and performance test, network design and integration services, etc, in an attempt to help users master and use the latest Internet technology, and to improve overall return of network system.

One of the most important characteristics of our business ideas is to offer users top-quality service. Therefore, we always use more standardized procedures to treat each user, to live up to standardization and specialization. We timely cherish every communication, realize every commitment, standardize every detail, implement every job, and listen to every feedback; when you are in need, we will give you a more rapid response! Whether building a network system or maintaining a normal operation of a network system, or extending a network, Wafer Systems can offer professional services according to different user's demands.

Mobile Software Platform


After several years of application integration experience, Smart Office Suite of Wafer Systems is designed and being focused on enterprise worldwide with intelligent requirement in order to improve overall operation issues. Suite's 7 modules - Smart Reception, Smart Signage, Smart WiFi, Smart Meeting, Smart Workspace, Smart Energy and Smart Collaborations could be considered as a single application, mixed or all-integrate deployment in an enterprise or in Data Centre as Cloud management services. And has certified with Cisco IVT and also fully evaluated by professional institutions.


Smart Reception

It provides offices and large business parks with a "virtual receptionist" capable of directing and assisting visitors and mobile staff. It is an all in one package which features video and audio communication, access control, desk and meeting room registration, digital signage, and floor plans.

Smart Signage

It is designed to suit the advertising needs of large companies, providing fast, convenient, and unified media display. Smart Signage uses on demand multimedia to impart state of the art images.

Smart Meeting

It integrates Cisco Unified Communications, third party equipment, and a variety of different technology. Using the OA office application, conference bridge, digital media player, and IP desktop control terminal; It helps businesses run meetings smoothly and efficiently.

Smart WiFi

It allows workers to readily access Wi-Fi, but at the same time protects companies from any unauthorized users. Working with Cisco WLC, Wafer has provided a customizable portal for users to log in with a randomly generated pass code. Pass codes can be delivered via SMS notice, smart phone apps, or via print out from the terminal.

Smart Workspace

It allows roaming staff (staff who does not work in the office usually) to work efficiently at a temporary workspace and to receive the same office resources as other personnel.

Smart Energy

It is based on Cisco EnergyWise technology. By monitoring, optimizing, and controlling the power consumption of office equipment, it allows offices to achieve more efficient energy usage and reduce costs.

Smart Collaboration

It utilizes Cisco's Unified Communications, TelePresence, and Energywise to provide an unified communications environment. Using these Cisco products, content can be shared between all IP based personal devices allowing users to communicate with greater clarity and efficiency.